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  • Over 20 Releasing Negative Emotion Sessions to Quickly Eliminate Resistance to Sales Success and Money
  • 5 Hours of Training to Master the 3-Step Process to Attract Your Ideal Clients, Opportunities, and More Sales
  • Bonus NLP Training to Better Communicate with Your Clients, Close More Sales, and Keep Clients Longer.


2 Payments $250 (CAN/USD)

Watch Your Personal and Business Life Change Using Law of Attraction and the
Power of Releasing Negative Emotions.


Are you a driven business owner and still not seeing the results in your business? Want to learn how to attract more of what you want and learn the process that will get you winning over your customers?

If you have been pushing hard to make sales, getting your business organized, or getting new prospects or clients and not seeing results, now is the time to find out exactly why you are not seeing success and let Michael teach you how to change it. You will learn where you’ve been going wrong with your prospect (customer) interactions… and get that fixed in my 5-week live online Law of Attraction coaching program.

With Law of Attraction, you will learn how to reset your vibe, gain clarity of exactly what you want, and how to allow it in. Michael’s step-by-step process is practical and easy. After being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, Michael quickly became the How-To-Guy for teaching how Law of Attraction works. 

Even for Law of Attraction enthusiasts are not understanding the 3-step formula to apply Law of Attraction. Many of Michael’s students have said that they were using positive affirmation statements or building vision boards and not getting the results they wanted.Once they learned Michael’s step-by-step process, they felt more positive, had more clarity, knew what steps to take and started seeing evidence that they were attracting more of what they want.

Hi, my name is Michael Losier and I’ve helped millions of people all over the world apply the Law of Attraction in all aspects of their life, and I've had great success helping business owners take their businesses to the next level.

The history and success of my book The Law of Attraction:

  • Self published in 2003
  • Sold the rights to 37 countries by 2009
  • Oprah interviewed Michael 4 times on her Soul Series on XM Radio
  • Michael hosted a weekly show on the Oprah & Friends Radio Channel and XM radio for one year
  • Sold over 4 million copies
  • Michael travelled and gave Law of Attraction seminars in 13 countries

After teaching Law of Attraction around the world people said they loved my how-to-style for teaching. I created this online course to help business owners learn the process and get coaching and support over the 5 weeks on how to apply each step along the way.

My approach is unique and different.

My Law of Attraction Coaching Program combined with releasing old negative emotions is a powerhouse formula that ensures that you are able to ‘receive’ what you want to have in your business and life! 

What Every Entrepreneur Should Know about Law of Attraction, Their Vibe, and the Impact on Their Business and Sales

… this is a comprehensive program that will give you all the tools you need to easily adopt reset your vibe, gain clarity for what you want, and allow it in… so that you can increase your influence… and engage more people than ever before.

I use Accelerated Learning Techniques that allow me to teach to all four learning styles in a way that gets everyone fully involved and able to easily retain the information I present. My goal is that everyone retains the information so they can integrate it in their lives.

When you sign up for 5-Week Law of Attraction Coaching for Business Owners, you will learn how to:

  • Increase your CLARITY on your ideal prospect, customer, opportunities and more.

  • Reduce negative attraction (wrong prospects, etc.)

  • Build better teams, teaching others how to apply the formula

  • Adopt success habits to keep your attention on the goals of your business

  • Speed-up your attraction (manifestation) when applying formula

  • Reduce and eliminate negativity at the workplace (or the team)

And it gets better… 

On top of being a part of Michael’s Live Online Law of Attraction 5-week Coaching program, and receiving 20 Releasing Negative Emotions sessions each week, you will also have access to Michael’s N.L.P. Communicate Better online training program and the N.L.P. Assessment, which will help you really engage with your clients. This will allow you to be able to see what type of learner your client is, and use language that resonates better for them, so you are meeting their needs better!

You will receive these additional resources:

You will join Michael live on Zoom once a week for 90-minutes:

  • The first hour is all Law of Attraction

  • The last 30 minutes of every meeting, each student will have a Releasing Negative Emotions session.

  Also included:

    • A PDF fill-able workbook which you can print off or fill in online

    • Access to all the replays from the 5-week sessions in the online school.

BONUS!  N.L.P. Training Course

Online training program and the N.L.P. Assessment so you can learn the 4 different learning styles and learn ways to communicate to each style so that when you are communicating with clients or customers, they feel like you are speaking right to them!

Here are the 8 (of 20) Releasing Negative Emotions sessions that each member will receive:

1. Heart-Wall (negative vibe) with prospects

2. Heart-Wall (negative vibe) with clients & customers

3. Delete your Revenue-Ceiling limits caused by your beliefs

4. Scarcity Consciousness of available clients/opportunities

5. Eliminate negative self-talk about yourself and your business

6. Increase your self-esteem about yourself and and your business

7. Release your insecurity to move forward to develop and create

8. Eliminate procrastination

Here's What Business Owners Saying!


Here's What You'll Get In Michael's Program

  • 5, 90-minute LIVE Zoom Trainings and Q&A
  • Workbook
  • 24/7 Online Access Replay
  • 20 Releasing Negative Emotions sessions held during weekly zoom meetings.
  • N.L.P. Communicate Better online training program

Get Notified When September 2024 Dates Are Added

Yes. Notify Me

2 Payments $250 (CAN/USD)