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Law of Attraction 101 Reset Your Vibes

Are you new to Law of Attraction and confused about what it’s all about or even where to get started?Are you curious about why you keep attracting negative people and things over and over again, or are you one of those people that call yourself ‘lucky’ because you attract good and positive things?


Practicing But Not Getting Expected Results?

How do I know if I am mastering the art of Deliberate Attraction? Is there an advanced course I can take? Yes, “The application of this material into your daily life IS the advanced course!” To help you REALLY apply Law of Attraction you need to understand the 3-steps in the formula for DELIBERATE Attraction.


I Want To Teach Law Of Attraction

Whether it's with students, clients or customers you’re sharing a message with, when you use the right communication, in the right way, you hold the power of being understood, inspiring action and creating positive change by LEARNING, USING and TEACHING these ACCELERATED TECHNIQUES.


Get ACCESS to Michael Losier Directly!

Michael Losier offers Emotion Code Sessions which get rid of negative vibrations and emotions blocking or hurting you, and Inner Circle Membership to help you lead to attracting what you want most in life!

Emotion Code Session

It’s time to stop being stuck in fear, pain, anxiety, depression, and self-sabotage so you can have the business and life you want. The path to your new reality is within The Emotion Code—a powerful and unique new approach to healing emotional pain. It’s time to ditch your emotional baggage.


10-Session My New Body Emotion Code Program

You could go through years of expensive therapy to achieve the results you could get in just 20 Emotion Code sessions by participating in the 10-part Your New Body Program.


Inner Circle Membership

Michael’s Law of Attraction Inner Circle Membership will stock your audio and video library each month with the tools, processes, and how-to’s for applying Law of Attraction to your business and personal life. PLUS, you can access a live call Michael hosts exclusively for Inner Circle Members. 


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Release date: June 6, 2017

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