Your Life's Purpose 5-Part Video Training Program

During the 5-part video training series, you will have Michael walk you through the 5 steps so you can uncover what fulfills you. This is a book club format and Michael will be referring to page numbers from the book, so be sure to acquire a copy. Worksheets are provided in the training course.

Uncover What Fulfills You So You Can Live Your Life’s Purpose Have you ever caught yourself saying that you're "unfulfilled" in your work, relationships or your life?

Are you confused about the purpose of your life, and looking for clarity to help you figure it out?

You've come to the right place. Michael has been researching, creating and writing this book for 5 years, giving seminars, teleclasses and one-on-one coaching sessions to help him develop his upcoming 3rd "how-to" book, Fulfillment Needs. Sign up on this page now and get instant access to one of Michael's recorded training classes on Fulfillment Needs. You'll also get downloadable worksheets so you can follow along with the class and learn more about YOUR Fulfillment Needs and living your life’s purpose.