NLP for Better Communication in Your Personal and Business Life


Watch your rapport with other change in a positive way when you learn about the 4 N.L.P.
 Learning and Communication Styles

Have you ever wondered… ‘What am I doing wrong?!’ "Is there some secret sauce to having better relationships with others?!"

Well… get ready to find out exactly where you’ve been going wrong with your  interactions with others… and learn how to fix it… in my four-part online video training program.

If you haven’t already heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) then get ready to discover some of the most powerful techniques to transform your communication (persuasion) skills… to achieve better results… more easily than ever before!

NLP uses an approach that is based on a deep understanding of human psychology. So when you implement the techniques you’re about to discover, you’ll immediately enjoy your newfound ability to make a big impact on everyone you meet, with waaaay less effort than ever before.

Hi, my name is Michael Losier and I’ve helped millions of people all over the world to apply some of the most powerful communication tools and techniques out there.

My bestselling book, Law of Attraction, has sold over 3 million copies in 37 countries. I’ve since trained 2000 coaches, trainers and facilitators in the art of engaging people through an in depth understanding of learning styles, while delivering their program.

You see… the thing is… right now, you probably only truly understand one learning style… yours (your own)!

But there are four unique styles of learning: Visual, Auditory, Digital and Kinesthetic…

… And unless you’ve been taught about how the other three learning styles function… right now you only have the power to fully engage the 25% of others who share your learning style… so you could be missing out on engaging 75% of potential customers!

When your business success depends on your ability to build relationships… then making sure your communication skills are working for you… and not against you… is a vital investment in your future.

This online video training course...

… is a comprehensive program that will give you all the tools you need to easily adopt powerful and adaptable communication skills that will help you in all your relationships, at home and at work.

I use Accelerated Learning Techniques that allow me to teach to all four learning styles in a way that gets everyone fully involved and able to easily retain the information I present.

Once you know the key features of how each different style of learner interacts… you’ll be able to use my scripts to detect a person’s style and use that information to your advantage… to connect (build rapport) quickly and have ideal relationships!

You’ll learn:

  • The 4 Communication Styles
  • How to detect the style of others, in your first communication
  • How to know what will help (motivate) each style make decisions
  • How to ask questions that appease and satisfy each style
  • How to use the take-home scripts to keep near your telephone, and
  • Life-long skills for effectively using N.L.P. Strategies

… And it gets better… to help you really engage with the material until you are a confident user of your new communication skills… as well as the training videos, workbook and scripts.

24/7 Access  Online video training with worksheets.