Learn How to Deliver an Introductory Sales Presentation on the Emotion Code(TM)

In-person, Zoom or Facebook/IG Live.  Attract Paying Clients with the 7-Keys to the Emotion Code program.

Are you a Certified Emotion Code(TM) Practitioner or training to be one?

➳ Maybe you're struggling or finding it difficult to explain the Emotion Code process to others.
➳ Have you have been giving free sessions to your family and friends, and now that it's time to ask them to pay, it’s a no-go?
➳ Is it time for you to come out of the Emotion Code closet and be the expert in your city and maybe the expert resource in your city and start making money with every Emotion Code client.


If you don't know how to do that -- well guess what, I’m going to help you do just that.

I have been training trainers around the world (17 countries) how to deliver high-participation, full-content training seminars where audiences really "get-it".
Now is the time to get the message of The Emotion Code out to the public -- via YOUR Signature Presentation.
Your Signature Presentation on the 7-Keys to The Emotion Code Process will fill your calendar with paying clients immediately after you deliver your rock-star event.
Using N.L.P., Accelerated Learning Techniques, and the EASY way to explain the Emotion Code process, this online video training program (with 27 page workbook) will prepare you immediately to present flawless Emotion Code presentations in front of any live audience, Facebook live show, or other online resources.

It is designed to explain the process, show LIVE Emotion Code sessions and generate interest in your audience so THEY want a session -- and pay for it.

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