6-Week Group Series

6 Spaces Available

(Over 50 Emotion Code Sessions in 6 Weeks)

Held via Group Video with audio only option

Includes a 25-minute one-on-one Emotion Code Session with Michael


Michael will meet you 1-on-1 to get you caught up before next Saturday.

6 Saturdays, 10am PT  (1pm ET)
Under 10 mins of your time

You will have the option to join with video or just audio.











  • You get anxious every time you try to lose weight or diet. In fact, you feel nervous just thinking about it.
  • You’re tired of trying, failing, and feeling discouraged because you’re only achieving short-term results.
  • You have some food or beverage habits or addictions that always sabotage your weight loss success.
  • You suspect a past experience is making it hard for you to lose weight, but you’re not sure which event is to blame.
  • You catch yourself having the same beliefs about weight loss that your parents do.
  • You’re working hard on reducing your weight and you know there’s a block that’s holding you back, but you’re not sure what it is.
  • You suspect you have some limited beliefs about whether you even could have the body you desire.


Here’s some good news that you may find surprising. The reason you’re feeling this way is that you have negative unprocessed emotions trapped in your body. Using the Emotion Code is the easiest and fastest way to release those trapped negative emotions so you can get the results you want.

BONUS Online Course:

Law of Attraction - Become More Abundant the 3-Step Process

2 Payments of $199 (Total $398)

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USA/International Canada

Held via Group Video

Each participant will get a Session Guide that Michael will use each week. In addition to the sessions from the guide, each participant can include 3 food/drink items to reduce or eliminate.

"I never thought I would get into the habit of having breakfast—ever. I knew it was part of why I was so hungry at 10 a.m., but still, I resisted having breakfast. That is until I had an Emotion Code session with Michael. Now eating breakfast is a daily habit, along with drinking lots of water, and I only need to eat again at noon. There are some great changes coming my way."

Vancouver, British Columbia

"The first thing we worked on was a quick Emotion Code session on my resistance to drinking water. Since the session, I’m drinking over 4 large glasses of water a day with ease and without even planning on it. It seems natural now. I'm working my way up to 8 glasses a day. Thanks, Michael! "

Phoenix, Arizona

"I’m on the road working 30 days at a time. I used to have 2 desserts every day – it came with the job; it was free and available. Since doing an Emotion Code session with Michael, I haven’t eaten ANY desserts since our meeting 45 days ago. I still don’t know how it works, but it does. Thank you, Michael."

Carpenter, Northern Canada

""I told Michael I was going for my annual 10-day trip to Jamaica and I was feeling anxious about being in the all-you-can-eat environment, especially because of the abundance of desserts. He gave me an Emotion Code session that removed my anxiety and my interest in eating any desserts. I had ZERO desserts in 10 days, and trust me; they were everywhere.""

Saint John, New Brunswick

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