• You’re constantly in money fear -- always declaring you don't have enough.

  • You suspect a past experience is making it hard for you have or even attract money, but you’re not sure which event is to blame.

  • You catch yourself having the same negative habits and  beliefs about money that your parents do.

  • You’re working hard on reducing your debt and you know there’s a block that’s holding you back from having more money, but you’re not sure what it is.

  • You have a sense or a hunch that you have picked up your parent’s karma around money, bills, savings and worthiness of having money.

  • You consider yourself to be a good business owner or entrepreneur, but you still aren't attracting ideal, well-paying customers or clients.    

  • You're blocking or stopping money-making opportunities.

Michael will REMOVE the trapped emotions contributing to the following:


➤ Your anxiety about money or lack of
➤ The limited 'earning ceiling' set by your subconscious mind
➤ The blocks stopping you from increasing your monthly sales/revenue
➤ Delete your scarcity consciousness
➤ Blocks to attracting opportunities to get money
➤ Inherited money habits and beliefs your parents had
➤ Your procrastination habits that are stopping you from getting things done
➤ Your creativity blocks to writing, problem solving, making money ideas, etc.

We'll Start With Your Heart-Wall


We will start your session clearing your Heart-Wall.  A Heart-Wall is a 'wall' of unprocessed negative emotions that is covering/protecting your heart.  These 'walls' are what is causing you to have relationship issues - with money, business, and your body.

BONUS! Law of Attraction
Abundance Audio Series

This 3-Part audio series (including download-able worksheets) is ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about the Law of Attraction and Abundance. Be prepared to take notes, and get ready to experience a change in your thoughts AND the abundance you are attracting. 

 Money & Abundance Sessions 

3, 25-minute Sessions $450.00

Plus online access to Michael's Law of Attraction Course
You could go through years of expensive therapy to achieve the results you could get in just 3, 25-minute Emotion Code sessions with Michael.

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