• You get anxious every time you try to lose weight or diet. In fact, you feel nervous just thinking about it.
  • You’re tired of trying, failing, and feeling discouraged because you’re only achieving short-term results.
  • You suspect a past experience is making it hard for you to lose weight, but you’re not sure which event is to blame.
  • You catch yourself having the same beliefs about weight loss that your parents do.
  • You’re working hard on reducing your weight and you know there’s a block that’s holding you back, but you’re not sure what it is.
  • You have a sense or a hunch that you have picked up your parent’s karma around food problems, eating habits, and body shame.
  • You consider yourself to be in good shape or fit, but you have some unhealthy eating behaviours. 

6-Meeting Series -- My New Body Program

38 Releasing Negative Emotion Sessions with Michael Losier

Michael will REMOVE the old negative emotions contributing to the following:

Meeting 1: Your limiting beliefs about a NEW body. Your anxiousness about your body.

Meeting 2: Your resistance to water, and the taste. Negative self-talk and low self-esteem

Meeting 3: Resistance to food choices – protein, veggies.  Boredom eating and overeating

Meeting 4: Deliberate body movement (exercise)

Meeting 5: Conscious eating – choices, volume, frequency of eating

Meeting 6: Heart-Wall with self and the world

PLUS! Each week bring 2 food or drink items to be deleted, for a total of 12 over the 6 meeting.

6-Meeting Series -- My New Body Program
38 Releasing Negative Emotion Sessions

PLUS: One 25-minute one-on-one Releasing Negative Emotion Session


$600 USD/CAN

2 Payments of $300



The first thing we worked on was a quick Emotion Code session on my resistance to drinking water. Since the session, I’m drinking over 4 large glasses of water a day with ease and without even planning on it. It seems natural now. I'm working my way up to 8 glasses a day. Thanks, Michael!

Diane - Phoenix, Arizona

I never thought I would get into the habit of having breakfast—ever. I knew it was part of why I was so hungry at 10 a.m., but still, I resisted having breakfast. That is until I had an Emotion Code session with Michael. Now eating breakfast is a daily habit, along with drinking lots of water, and I only need to eat again at noon. There are some great changes coming my way.

Alexis - Vancouver, British Columbia

I’m on the road working 30 days at a time. I used to have 2 desserts every day – it came with the job; it was free and available. Since doing an Emotion Code session with Michael, I haven’t eaten ANY desserts since our meeting 45 days ago. I still don’t know how it works, but it does. Thank you, Michael.

Brad - Carpenter, Northern Canada

I told Michael I was going for my annual 10-day trip to Jamaica and I was feeling anxious about being in the all-you-can-eat environment, especially because of the abundance of desserts. He gave me an Emotion Code session that removed my anxiety and my interest in eating any desserts. I had ZERO desserts in 10 days, and trust me; they were everywhere.

Denise - Saint John, New Brunswick

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