You could go through years of expensive therapy to achieve the results you could get in just 3, 25-minute Releasing Negative Emotions sessions with Michael.

Michael will REMOVE the old negative emotions contributing to the following:


➤ Your anxiety about your business
➤ The limited 'earning ceiling' set by your subconscious mind
➤ The blocks stopping you from increasing your monthly sales/revenue
➤ Blocks to attracting NEW clients
➤ Blocks to attracting ideal referrals
➤ Blocks to attracting opportunities to build your business
➤ Inherited money habits and beliefs your parents had
➤ The negative effects of past business failures/problems
➤ Your procrastination habits that are stopping you from getting things done
➤ Your creativity blocks to writing, problem solving, etc.

We'll Start With Your Heart-Wall(TM)


We will start your session clearing your Heart-Wall.  A Heart-Wall is a 'wall' of unprocessed negative emotions that is covering/protecting your heart.  These 'walls' are what is causing you to have relationship issues with prospects, current clients, former clients,  and other business relationships.


Video Training Series
Law of Attraction for Business

Michael's signature 3-part Series for Attracting MORE Business.  Online videos with downloadable worksheets.

Business Success Sessions 

3, 25-minute Sessions $450.00

Plus online access to Michael's Law of Attraction Course