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Old â›” Negative Emotions From Past Experiences Are Blocking Your Money and Business Success

Are You Feeling Challenged to Maintain a Positive Vibe in Your Business, Yet You Have a Hunch That Your ''vibes or something is off'' Towards Clients and Your Sales?
Michael can help with Emotion Code Healing.

How Does This Work?

Emotion Code Healing.

You can stay in the comfort of your home or office and Michael is able to work with you via zoom, whatsapp, or telephone.

Following his proven protocol for helping 100's of business owners, you will listen in on the process and hear the changes you are about to experience


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Transform Your Business with
The Emotion Code Healing


Sales Goals:

Unlock your full potential by eliminating the negative emotions that hinder your success. Here's how I can help with Emotion Code healing:

Release Your Doubts and Break Through Limits:

  • Overcome doubts about achieving your business and financial goals.
  • Attract prospects, clients, and referrals with confidence.
  • Break through financial and client ceilings to maximize your earning potential.
  • Remove the blocks preventing you from increasing your fees.
  • Eliminate triggers and negative memories from past events affecting your sales.
  • Conquer procrastination to take decisive steps in building your business.

What You Can Expect: Once these negative emotions are released, you will develop an abundant mindset towards money. You'll confidently set larger earning goals, eliminate procrastination, and take concrete steps to build and grow your business.


We'll Start With These 4 Business Relationships

We will start your session clearing your Heart-Wall -- old unprocessed negative emotions that are causing you to have relationship issues with prospects, current clients, former clients,  and other business relationships.


  • Clear your Heart-Wall with prospects, overcoming past negative experiences.
  • Eliminate resistance when reaching out to new prospects.
  • Overcome doubts about attracting prospects.
  • Break through limits on the number of prospects you can attract.
  • Remove blocks preventing effective networking and outreach.
  • Develop and implement a successful prospecting plan.

What You Can Expect: Prospects will become more approachable, making it easier to connect at networking events, online, or via email. New, positive vibes will create new results, and you'll find yourself engaging in prospecting activities with ease and confidence.


Active Clients:

  • Clear your Heart-Wall with existing clients, overcoming past negative experiences.
  • Eliminate any resistance felt from clients.
  • Overcome doubts about attracting and retaining clients.
  • Break through client ceiling limits.
  • Remove creative blocks when working with clients.

What You Can Expect: You'll build stronger, quicker rapport with existing clients, enhancing your relationships and increasing the chances of long-term retention. Any resistance from clients will be eliminated, fostering a more productive and enjoyable working relationship.


Inactive Clients:

  • Clear your Heart-Wall with inactive clients, overcoming past negative experiences.
  • Process emotions causing inactivity and reluctance to reconnect.
  • Overcome negative self-talk about lost clients.
  • Release emotions from losing clients.
  • Remove blocks preventing you from reaching out and reconnecting.

What You Can Expect: Many business owners report that inactive clients reach out once old emotions are released. Changing your vibe changes your results, and reconnecting with inactive clients will provide evidence of your new positive energy.



  • Clear your Heart-Wall with referrals, overcoming past negative experiences.
  • Eliminate resistance to asking for referrals.
  • Overcome negative emotions about seeking help or referrals.
  • Break through referral ceiling limits.
  • Remove blocks preventing you from developing and executing a referral plan.
  • Conquer procrastination about reaching out for referrals.

What You Can Expect: Referrals will become a natural part of your daily business practice. You'll ask for referrals with ease, clearly communicate your needs, and overcome procrastination to attract more ideal referrals and grow your network.

By releasing these negative emotions, you'll transform your business mindset, achieve greater success, and foster stronger relationships with prospects, clients, and referrals. Embrace a new, positive vibe and watch your business thrive.


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