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Teaching Law of Attraction?

Learn the Secrets Michael Losier Uses to Build a Thriving Law of Attraction Business, In-Person and Online.

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Learn the N.L.P. Strategies Michael teaches during his Law of Attraction Certified Facilitator Program.  With these N.L.P. Strategies you will learn how to create engaging presentations that will skyrocket your training and coaching business.

- Getting Coached? What is the best way to coach MY learning Style Facilitators, Coaches and Trainers

- How to Ask Questions to Engage Each Learning Style

- How To Detect The N.L.P Communication Learning Styles Of Others




    ✔  Communicate in a way that is easily understood
    ✔  Fully engage the learning style of every student
    ✔  Inspire a feeling of trust and loyalty in your audiences

You’ll EASILY ENGAGE your listeners and MAKE SALES
…Whether it’s products or ideas you’re sharing, taking the time to make sure you’re getting your message across effectively is the most valuable work you should be doing.

As you may know, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most powerful technique to transform your communication skills… to achieve better results… more easily than ever before!

Teaching Law Of Attraction To Others?

Imagine an audience that just GETS you. Imagine engaging 100% of the people you work with? …Feels pretty great doesn’t it?

Whether it’s students, clients or customers you’re sharing a message with… when you use the right kind of communication… in the right way… you hold the power of being understood, inspiring action and creating positive change.

Hi, my name is Michael Losier...

and I’ve helped hundreds of people all over the world become Law Of Attraction Certified who use the most powerful communication tools and techniques available.

Since my bestselling book, Law of Attraction, sold over 2 million copies in 37 countries, I’ve trained 2000 coaches, trainers and facilitators in the art of engaging people through an in-depth understanding of learning styles.

Now, I’m excited to announce the launch of my new Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator System

After the success of my bestselling books The Law of Attraction and The Law of Connection, I began to receive requests from the many people who attended my seminars and wanted to learn how to use the Law of Attraction in exactly the same way I teach it to SUPER-CHARGE their own programs and presentations.

So I decided to create a program that teaches the Law of Attraction process using my combination of Accelerated Learning Techniques and NLP… to get 100% participation from your audience.



The Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator System is jam packed with everything you could possibly need to master the skills that will ENGAGE and MAKE SALES every time.

  • Recorded video training and insights with follow-along workbook.
  • Instant access to our online Facebook LOA community with a support network of like-minded individuals taking this journey alongside you
  • Immediate access to my NLP assessment tool before the program begins
  • 2 packages of downloadable worksheets – one for your Signature Presentation seminars and one for your 3-Step training.

And as if that wasn’t enough…. I’ll also be giving you access to:

  • 5-hours of teleconference leader training
  • A bank of video clips from my seminars, showing all the different ways to teach

It is my life’s work to help others to harness the true power of the Law of Attraction. 

My YouTube channel is viewed by millions and I’ve been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey 4 times. As a Certified NLP Practitioner and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I’ve mastered the art of educating coaches and trainers on how to lead content-rich and high participation classes over telecasts, Facebook Live, In-person and other media, delivering the message… and I’ve really enjoyed watching the growing success of the wonderful people in this community.

In the program, you’ll learn:

…a Signature Presentation that you will master and deliver over and over again.
… a simple system to teach the Law Of Attraction processes that’s easy to implement on audiences of any size
… techniques and methods that will get all of your audience members participating because you’ll be confidently engaging every type of learning style



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International Clients   $2,995 USD
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3-Part Payment Plan of $1,000

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  • 5-Part Audio Series TeleLeader training (Value $ 297 )
  • The Vibrational Business Plan
  • Facebook Group for Facilitators
  • 30-Minutes one-on-one mentoring session with Michael

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