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law of attraction articles Feb 21, 2020

Have you have been using affirmations to get what you want, yet you stand back and notice that nothing is happening? Have you given up on your affirmations and feel they are a waste of time?

There are reasons why your affirmations may not be working for you. Understanding the relationship between your affirmations and how they make you feel is the key to making them work for you.

An affirmation is a statement spoken in the present tense to declare a desire. Saying “I have a happy, slender body” is an example of a positive affirmation.

Many teachings on affirmations insist on stating them as if you already have what you desire, in the present tense. For example:

  • “I have tons of clients.”
  • “I make lots of money.”
  • “I have a great relationship.”

Remember that Law of Attraction is always responding to the vibrations that we’re sending. The words we use and the thoughts we think cause us to send out a vibration. The sentence “I have a happy, slender body” will create a different feeling for different people. When someone who considers themselves to be heavy or overweight says the affirmation “I have a happy, slender body,” in most cases they’ll immediately tell themselves the opposite. “No I don’t! Look how big I am! I’m the biggest I’ve ever been! It’s not true! I don’t have a happy, slender body!” What’s important here is the reminder that Law of Attraction is always responding to the vibrations that are being sent, whether negative or positive. A thin person, for example, could say “I have a happy, slender body” and it would feel good for them, while a person who doesn’t have a happy, slender body will feel a negative vibration.

It’s not what you think or say that matters, it’s how you FEEL about what you think or say that counts.

Recommendations for Re-wording Your Affirmations So They Feel Better

The key to using affirmations is that they need to be true for you in order to make you feel good. Some of you have been taught to always state your affirmations in the present tense. I suggest you consider yourself to be “in the process.”

The “process” (the process of manifestation) actually starts when you think about your desire, talk about your desire, write about it, or when you give it any kind of attention, energy and focus. You ARE in the process when you say “I’m in the process of…”, so the sentence becomes true, and if it’s true for you, it feels good, which is a positive vibration. Here are some more examples of how to use this statement “I’m in the process of…”:

  • I’m in the process of creating ideal family relationships.
  • I’m in the process of becoming more abundant.
  • I’m in the process of attracting more clients.

Now each statement is true for you and it feels good. When it feels good, you are sending a positive vibration, which the Law of Attraction responds to accordingly.



Michael Losier is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Law of Attraction Coach/Trainer living in Victoria, BC, Canada.
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