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law of attraction articles Apr 22, 2020

This month’s article is a peek inside Michael’s email inbox. Here is a response that Michael thought his ezine subscribers would like to know as well. Enjoy.

Original email sent to Michael:

Greetings Michael,

Hope this message finds you well. I am a therapist/instructor actively conducting workshops and classes based on the Law of Attraction, with your book as the basis for much of what I teach on the subject.

Our staff has a question for you that we feel would best be answered by you, if you would be so kind. During one of our classes last week, I was speaking on how this subject (Law of Attraction) relates to wealth and abundance. I pointed out that as long as the three conditions in your book were met (identify the desire, give it attention, and allow it), one could expect results in the area of abundance, including money obtained through winnings such as lottery winnings. I briefly discussed the article you wrote (“So you want to win the lottery?”), and I covered your specific points regarding attracting money in this manner.

To this, two of the students expressed conflict and confusion, indicating they had been exposed to the online lessons of SGR (Science of Getting Rich,) which taught that it would be highly unlikely to obtain wealth or most substantial sums of money from the lottery due to the fact that too many people are attempting to do the same thing for the same goal, which waters down the idea of you winning it for your intended amount.

I was unaware of the fourth lesson in SGR (this lesson being that Law of Attraction follows a 3-step formula for attracting everything else except lottery winnings) and what it taught, and after thinking quickly, I indicated that this was a grey area, and that the lesson was speaking to a relating issue.

I had strongly supported my belief with our students that LOA can accomplish this and much more and that it was a law.

Michael, we are not familiar with the fourth lesson of SGR, and are now puzzled ourselves. Is there such a teaching? Because we stand by our conviction, and your information that Law of Attraction can easily accomplish what we use it for, can you briefly speak to the conflicting messages out there that Law of Attraction works for all things except winning games of chance like the lottery?

We did promise our classes that we would go directly to the source, that being you, and put this confusion to you, and then report back to the entire class. Any time and consideration that you can provide this question would be so much appreciated.

Many thanks Michael.




Here is Michael’s Reply:

Hello Stephen. Congratulations on holding your Law of Attraction groups. Here are a few more points I would bring to your group:

  1. I propose that people focus on what they desire and REMOVE money from the equation. Here is the teaching point: we tend to filter our desires through the availability of money. Remove money from the equation. For example, it you want a red jacket, focus on the red jacket and not on attracting enough money to attract a red jacket.
  2. Although most people desire money, they have a blueprint within them that, to a certain degree, dominates their vibration around the subject of money. We call this their limiting beliefs and most people have plenty of them. For example, many people have the limiting belief that they just aren’t worthy of winning huge amounts of money. They may not be aware of this on a conscious level but it’s there in the background affecting their vibration. Most people need to do more work on “worthiness” and other related limiting beliefs before they can attract more money.
  3. Most people would not know how to spend $1,000,000, so their vibration does not line up with winning it. (Hint: make a list and focus on attracting what’s on the list.)
  4. It is critical, in my opinion, to be sending out a vibration of abundance; without doing that, how can we expect to become abundant if we are not sending the matching vibration of more abundance?
  5. Most people do not acknowledge their already existing abundant-ness, therefore, they rarely send out the vibration of abundance. Remember, you can only attract it if you offer it vibrationally.
  6. Most people do not celebrate ALL their abundant-ness: a free lunch, finding money, free advice or coaching, or getting something at a sale price, and so on.
  7. People need proof the Law of attraction is working in their life to increase their abundance. Keeping a log or journal of ALL the proof that they ARE attracting abundance (in many different ways) will help remove someone’s doubt about their abundant-ness and consequently, they’d be sending out a vibration of abundance more often.
  8. And finally, the lottery is only one way to become more abundant.



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