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law of attraction articles Feb 10, 2020

 Note: This story was sent to Michael from an Inner Circle Member.

My New Year’s Resolution this year was to get “it” together. I wanted every part of my life to improve. I was newly divorced; nutritionally and financially, I was running on empty. Relationship? Ha, what relationship? I felt alone and lonely. I wanted it all to change. So, instead of listing each part of what I wanted to improve, I wrote down a blanket statement: I want to get it together, every aspect of my life.

I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne after I saw her on Oprah. While the book has got a lot of great quotes from many of the teachers of Law of Attraction, I struggled with specific directions on getting it going in my own life. Oh, it is a great book, put together well and it tantalizes its audience. The information within allows the reader to dream, and dream BIG. But I didn’t find any specifics on how to get it implemented in my life. I read it again, and again, looking for direction. It must be there, so many people talked about it and knew about it.

In December, 2007 I was introduced to Michael Losier’s book, Law of Attraction: The Science of Getting More of What You Want, and Less of What You Don’t. Now, there was direction! I was really motivated to put it into place; now I knew how to change my life. I was vaguely familiar with his website, I was his friend on Facebook. There was a gut feeling that told me that I needed to make real changes, and he was the key to doing so.

Yet, my life went on with the same results. You see, I wasn’t “living” the life that I needed to, in order to see real changes. I didn’t put effort into making Law of Attraction a daily part of my life. Oh, I knew what to do, and what not to do. I was seeing small changes when I put my “vibrations into positive mode.” The problem was, I was only following his advice part of the time. (When I remembered, or when I really needed that parking place up close!)

I’ve been one of Michael’s Facebook friends for a long time. I love that he gives free audios and videos, and that he keeps LOA in the front of my mind. On Mondays he asks “What are you going to attract this week?” On Wednesdays, he asks “What have you been attracting this week?” It helps to keep me on track and in my mind… if I happen to be on Facebook those days.

In December, 2010 he offered a teleclass to all of his Facebook friends. I could actually talk to him, The How-To Guy! I signed up eagerly. This felt like a great way to start the New Year. When the class started, I listened and participated; it was really fun. He is a real guy, one of the regular people. He is personable, friendly and knowledgeable. He answers questions, tells jokes and put all of us at ease.

At the end of the class he told us about his “Inner Circle Membership“. He has a teleclass each month and also sends his members an exclusive audio series each month. The first audio series is “The Abundance Series.” (He actually had me right there.) There are several ways to pay monthly, and he offers a discount for pre-paying the monthly fee for the year. I signed up!

Within a couple of days I received the audio attachments for Attracting More Abundance into my life… there are four classes dedicated specifically to attracting abundance! (There is a reason why he’s called the “How-to Guy”!) He is my “secret”! He gives step-by-step instruction on Law of Attraction. He uses plain language, easy-to-understand tools, and answers questions. He actually recorded this series from the teleclass, How to Attract More Abundance; so the members on the call ask questions—some of the same questions I had.

I was off and running, well…. walking. I downloaded the audio clips to my mp3 player, and I listen to him every time I walk. I believe that repetition is the best way to get the message and instructions into my subconscious mind. I get lifted from the humor he provides, and his tips on how to raise my vibration. (FYI, I know I’m sending a higher vibration by the way I feel. When I feel good, my vibration is higher. When my vibration is higher, Law of Attraction is matching it and sending me my desires. When I “allow,” I get what I desire!) If that doesn’t make sense to you, it may be helpful to read or re-read his book. If you’ve done that, I would suggest becoming a member of the Inner Circle.

It’s worth the small membership fee. I get coached on getting my desires, and keeping what I don’t want away from me. There is a huge audio and video library that Michael has compiled from his work on Law of Attraction. By having access to his work every month, I am keeping my attention and energy on the words I’m using. I am able to deliberately control my vibrations; that way I can control what Law of Attraction matches and provides to me. I know that if I have any questions, I can write them down and Michael will answer them in his monthly call.

Michael Losier has become my “personal secret” for controlling Law of Attraction. His instructional library has provided me specific tools to change my life. I appreciate The Secret because it opened up Law of Attraction to millions of people. But personally, I needed to make it a consistent part of my life. This is more than just reading a book or watching a movie. I have an entire library of tools at my disposal because of Michael’s Inner Circle Membership. What a fantastic resource to have at my fingertips!

Log onto his Inner Circle Community page if you still have doubt about the incredible value offered. There is an entire page of the multitude of training opportunities provided exclusively to members. Your friends and family will wonder why your life is opening up and sprinkling you with abundance and the “good life.” At that time, you may want to share your secret with them… because you will know that YOUR secret is best shared. The more you live the processes of Law of Attraction, the more you will see results. I love his book, it is my favorite of all of the books on Law of Attraction. His website and Facebook pages are good, too. But when I joined the Inner Circle Membership, and had access to the wealth of information to deliberately follow his instruction every single day… that’s when I started seeing results. Check it out; you’ll have a powerhouse of information. (And your very own secret…!)

If you have a success story, send it to me at [email protected]. I’d love to hear about it, and share it with other Deliberate Attractors!

~Lauren N. Mitchell



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