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law of attraction articles Mar 16, 2020

Once a month, I hold a Law of Attraction Q&A teleconference call. In a recent call, a participant was asking me how to keep her vibrations positive (or pure), especially at work. She went on to explain that while she was at work, she allowed people to come to her to complain about their personal and professional lives. A direct result was that she absorbed all this negativity. She had become the office “sponge” for listening to other people’s negative stories.

My feedback to her was that she needed to mind her Vibrational Boundaries. At this point, she had not heard this expression before (mostly because I just made it up in the moment).

We have heard of Physical Boundaries, Mental Boundaries and Emotional Boundaries. All of these boundaries have the same characteristics. They become like an invisible property line around you, keeping the positive in, and the negative out—like a protective bubble.

Vibrational Boundaries keep the good vibes in, and protect you from negative vibes trying to come in.

In what areas of your life do you need to establish your Vibrational Boundaries?

In 2008, I can remember three instances where I had to set up my Vibration Boundaries with personal relationships—letting the other person know what I would allow into our relationship and what I would not. In all three cases, these relationships ended. At first I felt sad, but in hindsight, it reduced the amount of negativity I allowed in my life. Less negativity made room for more joy.

Our natural state is to experience joy. If we are not, then there is negativity that is preventing it (joy) from surfacing.

Does it take courage to set your Vibrational Boundaries with your friends and family? Yes, it does. Can anybody do the job for you? Absolutely not! Your vibrations are your responsibility and avoiding negativity is YOUR job. Is there a payoff? Yes, there is. Your positive vibrations attract positive things and experiences into your life, so maintaining Vibrational Boundaries is a must!

In my business life, I only work with suppliers, staff, and contractors who are positive, and respect my boundaries. I have ended relationships in this area as well—and as a result, saw my business flourish when the negativity was removed.

In what areas do you need to re-visit and establish YOUR Vibrational Boundaries?

(1) At home with your family?

(2) With your friends?

(3) At the workplace?

(4) With your clients and customers?

(5) With your suppliers?

(6) Other?

It takes courage and commitment to set and maintain your Vibrational Boundaries. Be kind to yourself. Keep the positive in, and prevent the negative from entering into your Vibrational Bubble. You will love the benefits you receive.



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