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law of attraction articles Feb 14, 2020

Is it the secret to writing effective affirmations?

I can always tell when someone has read my book and has completed the work on their Desire Statement (Step 2 in my book). They tell me, “I love the expression ‘I am in the process,'” and “The expression ‘I am in the process‘ has changed everything for me.”

Many people can feel the relief when they say, “I am in the process,” yet there are others who are surprised that I would encourage people to be “in the process.”

Are you one of the people who asks, “When you say “in the process,” doesn’t that mean you are always going to be in the process?” Or are you one of those people who think it means your desire will never come to you?

Saying that you are “in the process” actually causes you to give your desire attention, energy and focus, which sets the energy in motion for that manifestation. Therefore, it is in the process. Talking about it, reading about it, visualizing it, or telling 10 friends—all of that causes you to give it attention, and when you give it attention, you give it energy, and when you give it energy, Law of Attractions starts to unfold that manifestation. So the truth is… you are “in the process.”

Where can you apply this today to help you give attention to what you want to attract?

I’m in the process of attracting an ideal date.

I’m in the process of attracting my ideal body size.

I’m in the process of attracting my ideal customer.

I’m in the process of attracting my ideal client.

I’m in the process of attracting a better relationship with my boyfriend/girlfriend.

I’m in the process of attracting more money.

I’m in the process of attracting more freedom.

So, the next time somebody tells you that you’re not supposed to say, “I am in the process,” tell them to go Mind Their Own Vibrations!




Michael Losier is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Law of Attraction Coach/Trainer living in Victoria, BC, Canada.
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