How searching the internet is like using Law of Attraction

law of attraction articles Jul 02, 2020

5 Points to Ponder

In my seminars and teleclasses, I’ve been using the metaphor of Search Engines on the Internet and how that relates to Law of Attraction. Someone on the call wrote down some of the points I made—and I loved them. This is to help you to remember the simplicity of Law of Attraction and, ideally, some helpful tips to using Law of Attraction with deliberate success.

  1. When you do a search on the Internet, it is always best to ask for what you want—we rarely type in what we DON’T want.
  2. When you submit your search on the Internet and get your results, the results are matching your input. When you submit your desires to Law of Attraction, your results are matching your vibrational input.
  3. When the results come back from your Internet search, you get excited about how close you are getting when you see the results. When the results are manifested with Law of Attraction, many people COMPLAIN that they have not manifested it in full, and disregard what HAS been manifested.
  4. When you do a search on the Internet, you don’t tell the search engine WHERE to get the results, you let the search engine figure it out. When you have a desire and set the energy in motion, most people want to figure out where the manifestation should come from. Let Law of Attraction figure it out.
  5. When using the Internet, you know when you’ve found the information you were looking for by how it feels. When manifesting in real life, you know you have a perfect match by how it feels.

The Law of Attraction is a magnificent search engine. So be mindful of your “input.” Get excited about fast results AND close matches and the Law of Attraction will do its thing!

Do you have more comparisons on how the Internet can be used to describe Law of Attraction? I would love to add to my list of metaphors. Send your ideas to [email protected].

Have fun!




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