How can skeptics get the proof they need that Law of Attraction is working in their lives?

law of attraction articles Jan 13, 2020

Are you one of those folks who needs to “figure it out” all the time? Are you one of those Law of Attraction students who catches yourself saying things like “I wonder how this is going to come to me?” or “What do I need to figure out so I know what to do next (to manifest what I desire)?”

Attention Law of Attraction Students!

Stop trying to figure out where/how/when your manifestation is going to come! It’s not your job!

Here’s a great tool that will help all of you “figure-it-outers” reduce your need to figure it out. Those of you who are thinkers need to see it or know it before you can fully accept that the Law of Attraction exists and is working in your life. You need proof before you can STOP being a skeptic. Ideally, if I could show you a test tube with Law of Attraction “proof” inside it, or a Petri dish with Law of Attraction growing in it, that would be all the proof you’d require. The Law of Attraction does provide us with proof—however, it’s not found in test tubes and Petri dishes.

One of the best tools for getting the proof you need is to begin recording personal evidence of every coincidence or every “out of the blue” experience that happens to you. HINT: Every time you use the words or phrases: serendipity, coincidence, synchronicity, every thing is falling into place, and out of the blue—you are actually gathering your own proof that the Law of Attraction is working in YOUR life!

Folks who are thinkers and “figure-it-outers” simply need this gathering of evidence to reduce their skepticism. Skepticism or doubt produces negative vibrations. More doubt attracts more negative vibration and, as we all know, the Law of Attraction is working in every moment to match our vibration and bring us more of the same, whether wanted or unwanted. Doubt slows down the speed of the delivery of our desires. It’s important to reduce that negative vibration: the less doubt or skepticism we have, the faster we manifest.

Proof does just that! Gathering proof through keeping a log and recording each personal experience of the Law of Attraction reduces doubt for the skeptic. Gathering proof replaces those negative vibrations with the positive vibrations of knowing that the Law of Attraction is indeed working for you, the thinker!

If you are a skeptic, a thinker, or a “figure-it-outer,” start your log of evidence today. By the time you have logged 7 or 8 personal experiences of the Law of Attraction working in your life, you will be well on your way to knowing through evidence and proof that the Law of Attraction is working in YOUR life! Enjoy the relief of letting the Law of Attraction arrange, figure it all out, and bring you your desires. It is the recording of evidence and the celebrating of proof that will raise your vibration. Practice using this great tool. You’ll be giving more attention to your desires, doing more allowing and speeding up the delivery of your manifestations.



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