Goal-Setting Sets the Energy in Motion - Launching Law of Attraction

law of attraction articles Mar 09, 2020

Traditionally, January tends to be a time for goal-setting. However, many of you have learned that with Law of Attraction, you can have goals and desires ALL year long. Waiting until New Year’s to set goals is so seventies!

The “deciding-what-you-desire” part of goal-setting is the most important. You have to think about what you DO want and then articulate it, making sure you are clear about what you want. You now have your goals! All of that attention, energy and focus on your desire launches Law of Attraction by setting the energy in motion. Giving attention to anything ALWAYS sets the energy in motion (Law of Attraction).

  • Goal-setting sets the energy in motion.
  • Deciding you desire something sets the energy in motion.
  • Daydreaming about your goals and desires sets the energy in motion.
  • Writing your goals on a yellow sticky note sets the energy in motion.
  • Telling others about your goals and dreams sets the energy in motion.

The point I want to emphasize is that we are good at setting the energy in motion. Can you feel the emotion when you say, “I’ve decided”? Deciding sets the energy in motion, yet many people never say it. The challenge in goal-setting is that not only are you asked to state your goal, you are asked when it is that you want it. Here is an example:

Setting the Energy in Motion in Your Life

Goal: To have 10 new clients by the end of this month. (Your goal is clear, measurable and specific.)

Challenge: Mid-month comes around and you’ve only attracted three new clients. Towards the end of the month, you start noticing that you are “not there” yet. Now a bit of panic or doubt (both negative vibrations) kicks in. You may start telling yourself, “I’ve only got three clients and I wanted 10.” In your observation of NOT having the full 10, you send out a negative vibration of NOT having what you want.

Keeping score of what you have NOT attracted maintains a negative vibration towards your goal. Disappointment sets in.

Solution: Continue to set the energy of your goals in motion. Be deliberate about what you are paying attention to. Continue to pay attention to what you HAVE attracted so far—reminding yourself that LOTS can happen before the end of the month. In other words, celebrate and acknowledge what HAS happened. By practicing gratitude for all that has happened so far, you will be resetting your vibration to the way you want things to be and as always, Law of Attraction responds and matches your vibration.



Michael Losier is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Law of Attraction Coach/Trainer living in Victoria, BC, Canada.
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