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law of attraction articles Jan 28, 2020

In short, Law of Attraction is all about vibes. Vibes are simply vibrations. Vibes are moods and feelings. The vibes that you send (generated from your moods and feelings) are either negative vibes or positive vibes, which Law of Attraction is always responding to by matching and giving you more of the same. So everything you’re attracting is a result of the vibrations that you are sending. In short, what you’re getting is what you’re vibrating.

Here are a couple of common phrases that I’m suggesting we revisit, given what we understand about Law of Attraction. Are these phrases true?

* “It was/wasn’t meant to be.”

* “The Universe is teaching me a lesson.”

“It was/wasn’t meant to be”: Often I’ll hear people use this expression when something shows up differently than the way they wanted it to be. People will say, “I mustn’t have been meant to have it,” or “It wasn’t meant to be.” I believe the reason is it wasn’t a match to your vibration. Remember, Law of Attraction doesn’t know whether it was meant to be; whether you should or shouldn’t have it; whether it’s good for you or not; or whether it’s helpful or not. So instead of saying it wasn’t meant to be, we could really say, “I haven’t yet lined up my energy.”

“The Universe is teaching me a lesson”: I would say the Universe is not in the business of teaching lessons or presenting things in your life to teach you a lesson. The Universe (Law of Attraction) only has one job and that is to match vibrations. So if you’ve attracted “it” then you must have vibrated it. Again, you didn’t get it to teach you a lesson; you got it because that’s the vibration you were sending.

Here are a few more phrases for you to ponder:

“It showed up three times—I must be meant to have it.”

“That’s what the Universe wanted me to have.”

“It’s in God’s hands.”

“I attracted it to teach me a lesson.”

Some things for you to ponder…



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