A minute of deliberate attraction is better than none- Law of Attraction

law of attraction articles Apr 01, 2020

Before I explain why a minute of Deliberate Attraction is better than none, I’d like to begin by giving a definition of the Law of Attraction:

I attract to myself, whatever I give my focus, attention, or energy to, whether wanted or unwanted.

It is important to understand that the Law of Attraction operates in every moment. Right now, in this very moment, each of us is offering a vibration, and the Law of Attraction is matching that vibration and giving us more of it, whether or not we are offering that vibration deliberately or non-deliberately. As the definition says, whether wanted or unwanted, we attract more of whatever vibration we offer in every moment. When it comes to our vibration, whether it is deliberately offered or non-deliberately offered, and whether our vibration attracts to us something we want or don’t want, the Law of Attraction is still paying attention and operating in exactly the same way—in EVERY moment.

Ideally, we will want to become more deliberate about the vibrations we offer. When we become deliberate about what we give our focus, attention, and energy to, we are practicing Deliberate Attraction! Here is an easy 4-stage cycle to help you understand why Deliberate Attraction is an important skill to practice:

  • Stage #1: You observe what you are attracting in any moment of your life.
  • Stage #2: While observing what you are attracting, you are offering a corresponding vibration.
  • Stage #3: Whether offered deliberately or non-deliberately, in every moment the Law of Attraction is checking in with your vibration.
  • Stage #4: The Law of Attraction then gives you more of whatever you are offering vibrationally.

This 4-stage cycle keeps repeating itself over, and over and over again. This is how you manifest more of whatever you give your focus, attention, or energy to.

Notice the word “attention” in our definition of the Law of Attraction. The more Deliberate Attention you give to something you desire, the more quickly it will manifest in your life. Imagine spending one minute deliberately placing your focus, attention, and energy on the way you want something to be in your life. You are filling that minute with deliberately offered vibrations. Your vibrations are summoning the energy of the Law of Attraction to start unfolding whatever you just gave your attention to.

Now that you understand more clearly the significance of being deliberate in your offering of vibration, isn’t one minute of deliberate attraction better than none? Remember, whenever you give attention to what you DO want, you are including it in your current vibration. And, whenever you give attention to what you DON’T want, you are including it in your current vibration. The Law of Attraction doesn’t make any distinctions between the two.

In closing, in every moment, including this moment RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW, you are including both what you want and don’t want in your vibration. Practice becoming more deliberate in your vibration and you will manifest your desires more quickly. That’s what Deliberate Attraction is all about.



Michael Losier is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Law of Attraction Coach/Trainer living in Victoria, BC, Canada.
He is the author of three bestselling books:
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