Law of Attraction for Employment/New Job

Join Michael in this exclusive training for people who are unemployed or seeking an ideal new job.  During the recorded training session, Michael teaches.

Why they may be attracting interviews and jobs offers that are not ideal
How they can use Law of Attraction more deliberately with the 3-Step Process.

This is an interactive, high-content, high-participation training series. The students walk through the 3-Step formula, taken from Michael's book, Law of Attraction and work on the exercises and steps with Michael during the call. Bring pen and paper to this training session, you will be asked to take notes, do the exercises during the call, and most importantly, to complete your homework before listening to the next audio class. It is recommended that you allow 3-4 days before listening to subsequent calls (lots will happen in the days in between). During this training series, you will learn the tools, scripts, and processes necessary to apply the 3-step process. Once you have done the 3-step process a few times, you will easily be able to apply it to other areas of your business.