Been Practicing Law of Attraction But NOT Getting The Results You Expected?

How do I know if I am mastering the art of Deliberate Attraction? Is there an advanced course I can take? My answer is always the same, “The application of this material into your daily life IS the advanced course!” To help you REALLY apply Law of Attraction to your life you need to understand the 3-steps in the formula for DELIBATE Attraction (using Law of Attraction to deliberately attract what you desire).

Have you been following some Law of Attraction methods, but stand back with your hands on your hips wondering WHY you are not getting what you said you desired?

Have you been using affirmations, vision boards, dream boards and visualization, yet nothing is showing up or manifesting for you?

In my book Law of Attraction, I teach the 3-step formula:

Step 1: Identify Your Desire

Step 2: Give Your Desire Attention

Step 3: Allow it

This training video will teach you the first step – how to identify what you desire. It is the first step in attracting anything – knowing what you want.  Most people don’t know what they DO want, but they certainly know what they DON’T want.

I use Accelerate Learning Techniques during my live and my video training seminars.  These techniques will make sure that all the learning styles are addressed, so I am sure to match the way YOU like to learn.

This FREE, short, effective training video includes downloadable worksheets so you can follow along with the process.