How to Reset Your Vibes - Law of Attraction with Michael Losier

law of attraction May 21, 2021

This is Michael's signature presentation on:
How to Reset Your Vibes -- Law of Attraction Style

You may want to have pen and paper ready!
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My hunch is my voice has been in your head since the training?

Imagine spending 5 hours with me, 1 hour a week for 5 weeks.

My upcoming book club and workshop is a deep-dive into the 3-Step Process for Deliberate Attraction.  This training comes with an 18-page workbook (my style).  Each class is recorded in my online school and you can watch replay 24/7.

Using 18 page workbook, Michael will walk you through full Deliberate Law of Attraction process so you can apply it to your personal and business life.

Each week, we spend 1 hour on Law of Attraction

Week 1: How to Reset your Vibe
Week 2: How to Identify What You Want
Week 3: Give attention to what you want
Week 4: Allowing (Part I)
Week 5: Allowing (Part II)


Each session will include Emotion Code sessions for people who are live online.

Here is the link to join this 5-week series.