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Goosebumps and the Law of Attraction - Is There a Connection?

articles Feb 07, 2020



I’ve been paying attention. I get goosebumps a lot. There is a pattern, however, to when I get them.

I get goosebumps when I watch a TV show where someone succeeds at something. I get them when I hear certain songs. I get them when daydreaming about a future experience that meets my “Fulfillment Needs.” I get them before I go on stage at a seminar, whether it’s for 15 people or 2,000.

When do you get goosebumps?

I get goosebumps when something just happened that was in perfect harmony to my highest vibration. It’s like a signal that something that I am experiencing right now is in perfect alignment to my energy—so much so, that when that happens, I’m vibrating at such a high, fast level, my physical body reacts by showing a physical vibration called goosebumps (or Vibrational Bumps… I just made that up).

Possible origin of the word GOOSEBUMPS: The term originated because when one is cold your skins turns bumpy. It resembles a goose’s skin when the feathers are plucked.

Michael Losier Interpretation: A perfect match of the highest vibration that causes your body to vibrate your skin, hence, goosebumps.

Pay attention the next time you get goosebumps. What did you just experience? Were your “Fulfillment Needs” just met? You will see a pattern to when you get goosebumps.

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