Do You Have Resistance to $$$ or Clients? Releasing Negative Emotions with Michael Losier

releasing negative emotions Nov 18, 2022

I keep a busy schedule for Releasing Negative Emotions sessions and it's rare that I would have a day without a booking.  So, when I had 3 open days in a row... I became curious.

I completed some sessions on myself and found a fe-w blocks and beliefs that changed by releasing emotions. I thought I was done. Then I heard the voice in my head say, "Check for a Money Heart-Wall".  For the 1st time I did.

During my Money Heart-Wall session I uncovered 17 old unprocessed emotions about money. Here's a few: Anxiety, despair, nervousness, worry, and panic. Do these emotions sound familiar?

I've since introduced the Money Heart-Wall as a regular protocol for new appointments.

If you're thinking or feeling you have a money block or Money Heart-Wall, book a session and it can be one of the many items I can cover during your session. Book the two, 25-minute package.

Go ahead. Get started. Open your money valves,