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law of attraction articles May 07, 2020

Getting blood work done? Well, you’ll get a report showing your “blood results.” It’s a report that lets you know the condition of your blood. Ideally, all will be perfect, and no action is necessary.

What if you could get a print-out of your vibrations? What would yours say? Is there such a report? Would you use it to improve your vibration if the results were negative?

Would you celebrate your report with others if you got the news that your vibration is positive?

At a recent coffee meeting with a friend, I put on my coaching hat. I was listening to him tell me the results he was getting at work—he is in sales and not doing so well.

After about 2 minutes (which is my limit to how much “boo hoo” I will listen to), I pulled out a piece of paper and asked my friend to give me all the things he DOES NOT like about what is happening with his sales. He was eager and ready to do this. Here is what I got from him in under 3 minutes!

  1. Not enough sales
  2. No one is referring him
  3. People are resistant to spending the money
  4. No repeat clients in the last 40 days
  5. Some people are not returning phone calls
  6. When he does meet with a potential client, they ask too many questions and
  7. Don’t trust him

The list went on and on and on…

After listening to my friend and writing this list of contrast (things he did not like), I asked him to write on the top of this page…

My Vibration Test Results for My Business

My friend looked a bit puzzled and asked what I meant by that. Here was my reply:

  1. What you say and think about present circumstances causes you to send this (negative) vibration.
  2. This is a list of what you don’t wan—but it is exactly what you are vibrating.
  3. You only need to take a look at what you are getting—it is matching the vibration you are sending.
  4. This list is really a report on the VIBRATIONS you are sending about your business.

So, what’s next? Reset your Vibration so you can reset your results? How? Use the Clarity Through Contrast worksheet to help you identify what you DO want. For each item on your list of what you DON’T want, ask yourself, “So, what do I want?” Creating this new list will help you use new words, which will help you send a new positive vibration!

Take a few minutes today and do this exercise for any area in your life that can use a RESET.



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