Emotion Code Practitioners! Learn Michael's Successful Protocol for Nail Biting

business growth club - peek Oct 13, 2020

Peek into Michael's Business Growth Club weekly LIVE Zoom Mentoring Call

As a Member of the Business Growth Club for EC Practitioners, you are invited to join the weekly Zoom meeting at 9am PT (12noon)

Each member gets time with Michael to plan and get his mentoring for their next step -- often the will receive an Emotion Code session to help them more forward.

Before the Mentoring segment of the weekly Zoom call, Michael does a mini-training called Top-of-the-hour training.

In this video, Michael in sharing his protocol and method to help a client STOP Nail Biting... go ahead, check it out.

Check out the list of 21 Business Growth Club Courses for Practitioners.

Download List of 21:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gOXfvxDDSoe9KqFakuZiF6_U5FEMFgPW/view?usp=sharing

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