•  You’re always in money fear -- always declaring you don't have enough.

  • You suspect a past experience is making it hard for you have or even attract money, but you’re not sure which event is to blame.

  • You catch yourself having the same negative habits and  beliefs about money that your parents do.

  • You’re working hard on reducing your debt and you know there’s a block that’s holding you back from having more money, but you’re not sure what it is.

  • You have a sense or a hunch that you have picked up your parent’s karma around money, bills, savings and worthiness of having money.

  • You consider yourself to be a good business owner or entrepreneur, but you still are not attracting ideal, well-paying customers or clients.    

  • You're blocking or stopping opportunities that could make money.

Outside Canada

You could go through years of expensive therapy to achieve the results you could get in just 50 Emotion Code sessions.

Here’s what you’ll get from these sessions:

50 Emotion Code sessions

A better understanding of how trapped emotions have influenced your financial life.

Support from Michael Losier, a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner who has helped hundreds of people OPEN their abundance and receiving valves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of issues can The Emotion Code help me with?

The Emotion Code can assist you in releasing any trapped emotions that could be affecting your abundantness and financial status. Michael’s program is an easy and quick way to use The Emotion Code and achieve maximum results.

Why should I use The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is the world's fastest, most effective method of energy psychology, and uses simple magnets to release emotional baggage that poor money habits, scarcity, limiting beliefs, bad or unhealthy spending or debit habits, self-sabotage, and anxiety about money. You’ve been struggling long enough—isn’t it time you got help?

How Are Sessions Held?

The calls take place online via a private video conferencing system.

What equipment do I need to participate in this group?

You’ll need a computer, tablet, or mobile phone that has a video camera. You’ll also require a pair of headphones (ear buds)—the ones that come with your cell phone are fine.

What do I need to do to prepare for the calls?

Drink lots of water before and during the session. 

How much does it cost?

The fee is $300 US for 3, 30 minute sessions.