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  • Are you new to having an Emotion Code or Body Code practice and want to make money with this exciting work? 
  • Have you been struggling to attract and retain clients who will pay you what you’re worth?
  • You're doing good, but you really want to supersize your business and make more money.

Hi, I'm Michael Losier. I would love to help you build a successful, profitable, and sustainable business.

I’m a bestselling author, international speaker and trainer on the topics of Law of Attraction, N.L.P., and Your Life's Purpose.  I also have a busy and profitable Emotion Code practice and at any one time, I am supporting and mentoring more that 30 Certified Emotion Code Practitioners in my Business Growth Club.

In addition to excellent business training, I will be sharing with you a number of my online training programs from my books - Law of Attraction, N.L.P., and Your Life's Purpose, which will add to your success.

Let me mentor you.  Each month you will get access to on-line business training for practitioners.  PLUS live Zoom masterminds/mentoring calls every week.

I promise you will get results.  ~Michael

Download PDF of 24 Course Listing

24 Courses Delivered in 1-Year Period.
New Video Course Available Every 15 days (with worksheets).

24 Course for Practitioners

Month 1:
· Business Card/100X Faster Technique
· 4-Person Series on Weight Loss
Month 7:
· Exhibiting at Trade Shows – Tips and Strategies
· Client Appreciation Campaigns 
Month 2:
· 4-Person Series on Abundance and Money
· 4-Person Series on Business
Month 8:
· Planning Your 1st Quarter Sales Targets (any quarter)
· How to Write Articles to Showcase Your Practice
Month 3:
· How to Collect Emails From Prospects
· Meetup Groups to Build Your Business
Month 9:
· Watch Michael’s Emotion Code Session with Client
· Protecting Yourself From Absorbing Client'sEnergy
Month 4:
· N.L.P. Opening and Closing Scripts Michael Uses
· How to Plan Your FB or Instagram EC Show
Month 10:
· How to Host an Emotion Code Clinic on FB or IG
· How to Host Mastermind/EC Weekly Meetings
Month 5:
· The 5-Minute Heart-wall Speed Tips
· Your "Where Do I Get Started Package"
Month 11:
· How to Plan, Create, and Write a Self-Help Guide
· How to Help a Client with their Life's Purpose
Month 6:
· The Psychology of a Menu 
· Applying Law of Attraction -- My Ideal Client
Month 12:
· How to Muscle Test - Draw Bridge technique
· The Vibrational Business Plan - Energy Approach t

Get Things DONE With the Weekly Mastermind/Mentor Zoom Meetings

Every Tuesday, 9am PT (12noon ET)

Every week Michael hosts this Mastermind meeting to support practitioners as they are building their practice. Get the help and mentorship from Michael each week as you are going through the business courses.

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$97 USD/CAN a month

How it works. When you become a monthly member, you will have 24/7 access to Michael's on-line school where all the Building Business Training Courses are. Each Month the next set of courses are unlocked and ready for you. The monthly low-flat fee is $97 and includes weekly invitations to join the Mastermind/Mentorship Zoom meetings.

Private Facebook Group & Bonus Online Courses

BONUS: Over the 1-year program, you'll have access to many of Michael's on-line courses on N.L.P. and the Law of Attraction:

  • Law of Attraction - Attract and Allow More Business (4 Audios)
  • Law of Attraction - Become More Abundant (4 Audios)
  • Law of Attraction - Relationship Series (5 Audios)
  • The Oprah Soul Series (TM) Interviews (4 Audios)
  • My Interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson, Author of The Emotion Code (2 Videos)
  • Understanding the Four N.L.P. Communication Styles
  • Using N.L.P. Language Strategies
  • Abundance is a Feeling
  • Understanding Law of Attraction Relationship Calls
  • PLUS over 22 mini training calls


The club is for Certified Emotion Code or Body Code practitioners who want to form stronger connections with their ideal clients, get more referrals, attract more customers, and make more money.

Many creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners have grown their business by learning and implementing the systems I’ll be teaching you in the Practitioner's Business Monthly Growth Club.

One, flat monthly fee, billed every 30-days. for $97.

Canadians pay $97 CAN plus 5% GST

USA and International pay $97 USD


You will have 24/7 access to Michael's On-line School.

Every 15-days the next set of classes gets released.  You will receive and e-mail from the system to let you know the next class is now available.

Each week, members are invited to the LIVE ZOOM call (private).

Each participate shares:

(1) What project/goal/course they are working on.

(2) What progress they have made,

(3) What they need help or mentoring with Michael, and

(4) What they are willing to do before next meeting.

Yes,  you may cancel at any time by e-mailing Michael.

When you leave the membership you will not have access to any of the training programs or live weekly mentoring calls.

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