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Begin Assessment Below:

1. When ending phone conversations or emails I tend to say
Talk to you soon
See you later
Nice to connect with you

2. When working on a project, homework/assigned task, I like to:
Work together with someone
Talk about the ideas and/or brainstorm
Check of list of accomplishments
Know the sequence of tasks and events

3. When I teach something to someone, I tend to:
Want to show them on paper or write it down for them
Explain the logical/reasoning behind what I am explaining
Have them do it, so they can have the experience
Give verbal instructions only

4. When remembering someone in my past, I tend to:
Get a feeling about that person
Hear the sound of their voice in my head
Picture their face
Ask myself, “what if” questions

5. People tend to break rapport with me when they:
Interrupt me during a task
Exclude me from an event
Cancel an appointment/meeting at the last minute
Cut me off from finishing my story

6. Expression I use frequently
That makes sense to me
That fits for me
That resonates with me, sounds good
I’m looking forward to it

7. The best way to support and coach me is:
Hold my hand and do some tasks with me, or in a group
Help put the events and tasks in order or sequence
Allow me to "check off" my updated list and future task list
Help me build a plan to help me get organized

8. Questions that stimulate an answer from me quicky
How does this look to you?
Are you catching on?
Tell me more about that
Does this make sense?

9. While shopping a salesperson can influence my decisions by
Allowing me to tell you my story and really listen to me
Mentioning that it will look good and it will make me look
Give me the details, ask me what I want don’t tell me what I want
Make a personal connection and give me time to decide

10. If someone was explaining a new task or process to me:
Show it to me on paper
Describe the step by step process, the sequence
Do the tasks together, with someone
I like to hear about it

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