What if you could have 18 specific food or drink items DELETED from your life... zero interest, triggers, or habits.  Are you in? 

18 Food/Drink Items in 6 months...

Michael has extreme success helping people ELIMINATE
the desire, urge, addiction, trigger, or habit of wanting the following:

Bread, Cake/Loafs, Cheese, Chocolate, Cookies, Fried foods, French fries, Gummies/Gel candies, Ice Cream, Lattes/Other coffee drinks, Meat, Milk/cream, Muffin, Peanuts/nuts, Pies, Pizza, Potato chips, Potatoes, Pretzels, Salad dressing , Salt, Salty snacks, Soda/pop, Tortilla chips, Wine, others you crave/have-to-have.

One payment $149.

1st Meeting, Saturday, March 28th 10am PT

4th Saturday of each month
10am PT (1pm ET)

Yes! I'm in. Register here.